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What Is It?


     Radiesse is a treatment that is part of the so-called "dermal fillers". It is a substance composed of calcium hydroxyapatite microparticles suspended in an aqueous gel. Radiesse is a product that is successfully used to fill the cracks that form in the skin with wrinkles and fine lines. Calcium hydroxylapatite is a component that the body produces naturally so perfectly Radiesse is biocompatible and no allergy problems.



Who Can Have This Procedure Done?

     This procedure does not require allergy tests as there is not a product of animal origin. this treatment all people who want an improvement in their facial appearance can be made. Over the years it undermines the ability of our face look smooth and firm. Many of the substances responsible for the youth of our skin decrease their production so they appear wrinkles and expression marks are accentuated.



What Results Can I Expect From This Procedure?

      Radiesse fills the furrows of the skin offering patients a young and visibly firmer face. It is the right choice to fill wrinkles and facial lines found between the eyebrows, called "crow's feet" and nasolabial. From the second day the patient can already see the results of Radiesse. This treatment not only reduces wrinkles but it stimulates the natural production of collagen. Thus, it acts on the outside, eliminating wrinkles, and inside, for stimulating collagen firmness and elasticity of the skin.



Consultation Process

    In the consultation the doctor explains how the procedure and considerations to take into account is. Each case requires personalized attention from a professional because everyone is different. The doctor will indicate areas where treatment and will need approximately sessions you may need.



Technique and Protocol

     The technique for applying this treatment is mesotherapy, ie direct microinjection of the product on the area to be filled. This localized treatment allows the component should stay right where to fill the skin is wrinkled. The procedure takes about thirty minutes and is not painful, but can be applied anesthetic cream if the patient is particularly susceptible to pain.


Recovery and Aftercare

     The post-treatment care is very simple. The patient can resume his daily activities immediately after the procedure provided note minimal care. During the first twenty-four hours it is normal for the patient notices discomfort such as swelling or redness, which will remitting quickly. It is not recommended to massage the treated area, applying makeup, sun exposure or strenuous exercise during the first forty-eight hours.


This treatment is done in our clinic by nurse practitioner  Dr. Leonard E, DNP, APRN, NP-C who is a, highly qualified professionals with a long list of satisfied patients.

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