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Chest Rejuvenation

Chest Rejuvenation


     While it’s difficult to prevent chest wrinkles, there are plenty of options for managing chest wrinkles.


     To reduce these natural effects of aging, or to simply enjoy a rejuvenation of your décolletage, a treatment with Radiesse is very effective. Not only are they safe and the treatment procedure fairly quick, but the results you achieve also are gradual and look natural.


     Together, these injectables make for ideal chest wrinkle treatment because they replenish your skin for more fullness and volume. In general, Radiesse does the following:


* Kickstart collagen production for firmer, more resilient skin

*Raise levels of elastin to help prevent wrinkles and tighten the skin

*Fuse with your body’s natural stores of moisture to keep skin volume and shape

     By proactively doing the above, chest wrinkle treatment with Radiesse results in the following:

* Reduced appearance of wrinkles

* Elimination of shallow lines Smooth, supple skin


*Noticeably rejuvenated décolletage

    At our practice, You & I Medical Aesthetic Spa, Chest Rejuvenation treatment is performed by nurse practitioner  Leonard E APRN, NP-C who is highly qualified and with a high rate of satisfied patients.  

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