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      Facial cleansing and skincare is a matter of every day. Even when we do not use makeup, you need to remove the remains of creams, dust, and pollution of the street dirty and clog pores of the face.

However, there are always remains which require a deeper treatment, so it is wise to complete our little rituals of daily cleansing with a facial professional. It is not a system to look younger; your goal is to thoroughly clean the dead cells and unsightly pimples and tone the muscles of the face by massage.


What is it?


      The deep cleansing facial is a cosmetic treatment that allows facial skin care and removes dirt from the pores of the face, improve the structure and appearance of the skin. It also plays a leading role in preventing wrinkles and blemishes. It has several benefits for the skin and health in general.

Its realization involves the removal of impurities and dead skin cells to restore energy and vitality to face. Usually, it includes a skin analysis, followed by a number of methods of professional cleaning. Although it can be done at home, ideally it is performed by professional beauticians.



Who can practice the procedure?


    To find out if you need a facial, see if you have a higher concentration of blackheads and pimples will appear very often. Besides the skin tone can start off and be as dirty rather than ruddy and shiny.

There is no single recipe to know how often a facial be done. The minimum is once a year, the maximum depends on skin type. A normal skin can get a facial every three or four months. Mature or very dry skin need more help with what should be one every six weeks long. The most problematic skins may need to be cleaned even more often.



What results can I expect from the procedure?


      With facial cleansing moisturize the skin, remove toxins, acne (less clogged pores) is reduced and relax and improve circulation of the face, gaining in smoothness and elasticity.

It also returns the brightness to the face and lost brightness; removes blackheads, excess fat and toxins; removes the dirty sebum that clogs the oxygenation of the skin; eliminates granites and enables the regeneration of the top layers of the skin.

In addition to promoting look much more carefully, professional facial cleansing allows skin cells have a better supply of nutrients and skin transpire better remove dirt; leaves pores free of dirt and infectious agents.

Eliminates and removes impurities and dead cells, allowing your skin to renew. This slows aging and wrinkling. The skin becomes more luminous, soft and smooth. It stimulates the absorption of cosmetic products. Cosmetic products intended to improve the appearance of the skin are more effective. It increases hydration and allows skin oxygenation. It helps diminish the appearance of fatigue.



Technical and protocol


       The deep cleansing facial can be done with or without extractions and can last between 50 minutes and an hour and a half. This procedure has several parts, according to the characteristics of the skin and the results you want to achieve. Among them, the main ones are the cleaning itself, the invigorating massage and nutrition.

In phase different facial cleansing products that clean the surface of the face apply. Then, the pores open by steam to drain impurities using special products. Each skin type (dry, oily or combination) will need a different type of product. This can include other processes such as exfoliation and extraction of black spots and impurities.

Massage is essential to close the pores and decongest the skin after drainage. products are applied in gel or cream and a relaxing and invigorating massage is given.

Finally, the skin is ready to make the most of the nutrients and vitamins of masks or other treatments that you want to apply at the stage of nutrition.

This basic facial cleaning can be completed with peelings, laser, glycolic acid, and other more intensive treatments.


Who does this?


     In our clinic, You & I Medical Aesthetic Spa  This procedure is performed by the specialist in facial  Efren Suarez Anechina cosmetologist with extensive experience in providing cosmetic and aesthetic medical services.



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